A collection of posters

For the 60th anniversary of the FMTM, the festival develops a contemporary graphic that honors all the past seasons of the festival. The images are redraft from photographs of shows from the festival archives or shows that have not yet been created and will be presented next September. The objective is to show the variety of the programming and the breadth of the performances proposed. Through the collection of images, the viewer is invited to look for the details of each of these intriguing scenes.

The «wired» treatment of the image reminds the string puppet, a technique that remains the most symbolic when we think of puppetry art. Moreover, the symbolism of the thread echoes the connection the festival has forged with its audience, as well as the festival progression since its beginnings in 1961.>

Finally, the colours are warm, joyful, friendly and above all festive! This is the essence of the festival.

The posters were created by graphic designers Marion Cachon and Antoine Giard.