The Festival can grow thanks to the help of over 500 volunteers. It is open to all, find the service which delights you according to your availability and desire.

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At the venues

Checking the admission tickets, helping spectators settling in, in relation with the company.
Necessary skill: must enjoy watching shows!

Audience greeting

Giving practical information to the spectators about anything they might ask about the festival.
Necessary skill: knowing everything about the whole festival!

Companies reception

Welcoming companies from the 5 continents when they arrive in Charleville; showing them where they will perform and where they will stay.
Necessary skill: speaking a foreign language will be helpful.

Ticket office

Selling tickets and passes to the spectators at the central festival ticket office.
Necessary skill: being able to use a computer and the festival software.

Show advisor

Giving information and advice to the spectators about the hundreds of shows performed during the festival.
Necessary skill: being a well-informed spectator yourself!


Driving the companies to and from airports, stations, accommodations, venues, etc.
Necessary skill: a driving license is essential.


Serving drinks to the international festival goers at the festive environment of the Puppet Bar.
Necessary skill: being able to pour beers properly.

In the streets

Helping the companies who are part of the street festival to find their spots, get their equipment ready, and manage the audience.

Festival shop

Selling the different festival related products.
Necessary skill: being a good salesperson.

Hosting puppeteers

Hosting puppeteers

The accommodation of the artists at the inhabitants' is a particularity of Charleville Festival. It is practiced since the first editions and it makes the event so convivial. French and foreign artists create links with the inhabitants and all are delighted to live a unique experience.

You live in the Ardennes and you have some place in your house? Contact us:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / 03 24 59 94 94


Reportage vidéo
Reportage vidéo sur les bénévoles 2019, réalisé par Duo Motion !