Weekend Marionnettes J-365

One year before the festival, an event is organized, involving shows, an exhibition, a presentation of the future line-up, a picnic (bring your own food!), an evening of shorter performances named “ Saturday Night Puppet”, workshops, meetings, etc.

From September 22nd to 25th 2016, 2,000 spectators attended shows by the following companies: Akselere, La Pendue, Mossoux Bonté (BE), BetweenTwoHands (NL), Compagnie À, Centre de Créations pour l’Enfance, Les Zanimos, Les Enfants Sauvages, Compagnie StultiferaNavis, Cie Tumulte Orange, Monsieur Max, le Kinotrope, Mazettes… On top of that, 110 people happily attended the fabrication workshops in friendly atmosphere.

Rendez-vous in September 2018!

  • © Mikha Wajnrych

    © Mikha Wajnrych

  • © Benjamin Banaïcha

    © Benjamin Banaïcha

  • © Jef Rabillon

    © Jef Rabillon

  • © Corentin Legoff

    © Corentin Legoff

  • © Michel Renaux

    © Michel Renaux