Pop Pet Cab@rette

When the evening is coming at the Puppet Bar, the puppets do their act... on the stage, behind the decks, or live, on social networks!

Orchestrated by LuluKnet (Big Up Cie), Raoul Lala (Tr@sh Tivi show) and the troublemakers of Zouak Cie, the POP PET CAB@RETTE invites the public to lively themed evenings. The first part offers a live broadcast on social networks from the Puppet Bar. On the second part, “special guests” get on the stage of CABARET, joined by other puppeteers, on the occasion of an open stage accessible to all. The evening ends in crazy Karaoke, followed by a swinging DJ SET.


FRIDAY 20/09 : soirée Welcome
Guests : Jawier Swedsky, Simon Hubeau

SATURDAY 21/09 : soirée Plume
Guest : Yael Rasooly bet Alban Thierry 

SUNDAY 22/09 : soirée Miss Guinguette et Master Flonflon + Birthday UNIMA
First part (until 10pm) : birthday UNIMA
Guest : Josef Hirsch

MONDAY 23/09 : soirée ventriloquie
Guest : Philippe Bossard

TUESDAY 24/09 : soirée la marionnette fait son cinéma
Guests : Anne Lalancette et Gaël Gittard

WEDNESDAY 25/09 : Soirée hommage à Jean Luc FELIX (first part) + concert (second part)
Guests : Anne-Françoise Cabanis et Jean-Pierre Lescot

THURSDAY 26/09 : Soirée Puppet in Black + concert 
Guests : Athanase Kabré et Maude Gareau

FRIDAY 27/09 : Soirée stand up (first part) + Happy Birthday (second part) + concert
Guests : Annek Noel et Lucie Hanoy

SATURDAY 28/09 : Soirée coquillages et crustacés
Guests : Morgane Aimerie Robin + Invité MISTER

Free access from 8:30 pm to 2 am 
> On facebook : @poppetcabarette
> On youtube : POP PET CABARET
> www.trash-tivi.com

A project conceived by the Festival Mondial des Théâtres de Marionnettes and Cyril Bourgois (Tr@sh TiVi Show), Alban Thierry (Cie Zouak), LuluKnet (Big Up Cie)

© Hervé Dapremont